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We’ve worked with a number of high profile clients, including BT, Red Bull, Hilton, Business Link and Setanta, to train their people in using new or updated systems. Those systems have covered topics as wide ranging as:

  • Standard Microsoft technologies
  • Customised off the shelf content management systems
  • Proprietary products belonging to the clients themselves.

In 2008, our unique i-Capture screen capturing solution enabled us to deliver systems training in anything from 5 minute chunks or comprehensive 55 hour programmes, in multiple languages and on a global scale.

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Saffron’s systems elearning enables on the job learning in a safe environment. The simulation allows your people to use the system just as they’ll need to in real life, without any of the risk while they get to grips with it. And our Show Me, Guide Me, Let Me, Assess Me model means that they remain in control of their learning.

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But systems elearning doesn’t have to be all about screen captures. We can combine captures sequences with ‘traditional’ elearning components in a blended solution which not only trains your people in using the system but engages them and persuades them of its value – making them even more likely to put what they learn into practice.

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