Learning at Work Week

What does ‘networked for learning’ mean to you?

That’s the question we asked members of the Saffron team and our network for this year’s Learning at Work Week. How we learn with and from others is more important than ever in the networked age, and these responses reflect that.

Watch a few of our responses and see what resonates with you. What does ‘networked for learning’ mean to you personally? Submit your answer and we’ll add it below. Let’s network!

  • "'Networked for learning' means the communicative channels and moments we create with other people in order to refresh our knowledge and behaviour. Whether that's visiting an event full of industry peers, or making time for regular collaborative sessions with your team, it's all about getting new ideas and testing your own."

    Sam Franklin

  • "Networking with other services providers and sharing best practice as well as forming collaborations to look at innovative ways of providing learning."

    Hafeez Hasham Rajabali

  • "Networked for learning is BEING connected-in to learning communities, to continuously exploring further understanding and developing holistic competencies, using various media and channels."

    Ronald Tedjasasmita