Competition law

It’s not all about business

Competition law breaches may not hit the headlines quite as much as other compliance topics at the moment, but the consequences can still be far reaching. One thing that most of the competition law courses we’ve delivered have in common is that they start by speaking to the learners as consumers. Using real life examples to show how it’s Joe Public that loses out when companies collude or abuse their market position really makes an impact. Once you’ve persuaded learners that competition law affects everyone, they’re much more responsive to messages about what it means for them at work. Overall, a much more effective approach than simply telling them what they must and must not do.

Of course, one size doesn’t fit all, so each of the competition law solutions we’ve produced has been quite different to what’s come before. Among recent examples are a course that uses photo conversations between on-screen colleagues to anticipate and answer the kinds of questions learners might have, and another that’s built around a virtual city with streets such as Competition Close and offices that are visited to find out about case studies and complete activities. Another example used CCTV style footage to present learners with suspicious situations and highlight what they should look out for.

We’re also aware that compliance training needs to be refreshed every year or two, and that sitting down to simply re-take the same hour long course isn’t necessarily the most effective way of doing this. So some of our solutions have included diagnostic pre-tests to determine the learner’s level of competence and direct them towards the areas they need to revisit – ensuring effective training, saving them time and saving you money!

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