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DSE is about more than computer monitors

It’s about making sure that every individual can work safely and comfortably every day. But there are also important business benefits to making sure this happens: You reduce the risk of having to pay compensation if someone is injured or develops health problems at work If your people can work comfortably and safely, they are likely to be more productive So it’s everyone’s interest to provide appropriate DSE training and comprehensive assessments. This type of training isn’t really about behaviour and performance. It’s about being able to recognise if something in the work environment isn’t right – whether that’s the lighting, noise from office machinery, the air quality or suitability of the equipment on a workstation. We’ve used detailed 3D graphics to illustrate all these points and more, adding rotation for a complete 360° view and highlighting the problem areas. These graphics are great for both pointing out what to look for and testing whether learners can identify issues towards the end of the training. We’ve also developed self assessments that take learners through a series of checks relating to their working environment. The assessments flag up issues, offer advice (whether that’s to contact the DSE officer or to take steps to adjust the equipment on the spot) and link to an existing LMS if needed. This kind of integrated solution, including the training and the assessment together, gives you complete assurance that you’re compliant, that your people are trained to spot problems and that you have full visibility of any issues and their frequency. If this sounds like an approach you’re interested in, contact us to discuss it in more detail.

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