Since starting out in 2000…

We’ve become one of the best-loved digital learning and communication brands in Europe

We’ve built our business on the idea that what you do is more important than what you know. So we go way beyond basic knowledge transfer. Instead, we focus on the choices your people make every day. We also think that digital learning experiences should be up there with the aesthetics and emotive power of the websites, movies and games your learners love. This is essential if you want your learning to create a sense of ownership over new behaviours, and new values. That kind of change is what really matters – and what delivers results.

Our strength is our people

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We believe in our values

That’s why we do things differently

Our founder, Hanif Sazen, wanted to create digital experiences which put learners first, and in doing so, changed behaviour and delivered a measurable return on investment. Hanif tragically passed away in 2010, but he left us with these beliefs and values. Now, we continue to put them at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that

  • Learning is natural
  • A love of learning is normal
  • Real learning is based on emotional investment
  • Learning should – and can – be fun

We value

  • Questions above answers
  • Creativity above fact regurgitation
  • Individuality above uniformity
  • Excellence above standardised performance

We deliver on your promises

This is how we meet and exceed your dreams

In every project our focus is on delivering a superior experience for you by putting your learners first. This is how we make your life easier and achieve your aspirations at the same time. Once you begin to work with Saffron, we promise that we will always:

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Set high but achievable expectations

To ensure that we really do make a difference to your organisation. Every project is an opportunity to do something innovative.

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Manage risk and quality control

So that you receive the highest quality end product, we ensure that well managed risk and quality control is part of every package.

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Provide an expert team to work closely with you

We build responsive, consultative and creative partnerships with our clients, challenging their assumptions and our own.

We are industry accredited

Our partnership with the Learning and Performance Institute

In 2007 we were the very first bespoke learning technologies provider to be accredited by the Learning and Performance Institute. In a former life, it was the Institute of IT Training. This body rigorously evaluates our capabilities and makes recommendations for improvement each year. And we’re pleased to say… we’re doing pretty well!

"Saffron’s vision for the way in which Learning Technologies can be used to create engaging learning interventions is both comprehensive and realistic. I am always impressed at the way Saffron is performance ready to deliver against its challenging goals."
Alan Bellinger
Executive Consultant
Learning and Performance Institute

Our clients

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Our achievements

We lead. Others follow.

We were the first to pioneer mobile learning, the first to create collaborative authoring tools, and we’ve consistently won awards throughout our history. We’re unbelievably excited about what’s next!

And beyond…

The sky’s the limit! What will your award-winning project be?