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Our Create Your Own Future solution enables employability providers to achieve scale and innovation and operational efficiencies. It can also be used in ESG programmes to make a positive social impact.

Create Your Own Future

This innovative end-to-end solution uses AI enabled technology to onboard users to the correct programme and check eligibility criteria. By using conversation to ensure that the needs of every individual are addressed holistically, Create Your Own Future offers an ongoing journey of discovery towards and beyond a successful employment outcome.

An adaptive toolkit that drives outcomes

Meet your mentor Meet your mentor Users select their chosen AI enabled mentor who is available 24/7, helping them explore and reflect on personal barriers and motivations to employment and upskilling.
It’s good to talk It’s good to talk Interactive lifelike conversations with the AI mentor are completed throughout the journey by speaking, writing or videoing their responses. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis tailors the mentor’s response – encouraging, congratulating and motivating progress.
Career exploration Career exploration An in-built skills assessment matches skills to job profiles and live job boards based on an individual’s location and skills. Appropriate training is recommended and can be ‘pinned’ to help identify next steps.
Planning for success Planning for success Users create a personalised action plan or interactive ‘to do’ list. This empowers individuals, encourages ownership over their own career journey and cultivates lasting change.
Dynamic dashboard Dynamic dashboard Create Your Own Future is there as long as the user needs it to be, helping to support career aspirations long after securing their first role. The interactive dashboard unites all stages of the journey, providing users with an ongoing opportunity to continually re-assess skills, update aspirations and achieve new goals.
Working in tandem Working in tandem Combining a self-directed journey with rich data analytics helps live advisors do what they do best – give relevant support and guidance to users. Through sentiment analysis, advisors can access insight into real-time activity, confidence and progress levels of coaches for ‘just in time’ intervention.
Rich data reporting Rich data reporting Rich data analytics cover not only mandatory reporting requirements but can also detect confidence, motivational levels of users and additional data analysis.

Create Your Own Future

Proven results

Initially developed for the Department for Education and the National Retraining Scheme, Create Your Own Future has achieved astounding results.

Delivering an engaging, intuitive and supportive user experience

Data sourced from Create Your Own Future’s pilot launch, using qualitative data and quantitative user feedback.

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