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Using AI to manage compliance risk might sound like an oxymoron. In fact, within many organisations AI itself is often seen as an unmanageable organisational risk. But what if there was a way to mitigate that risk?

In an attempt to tackle the issues presented by AI, some companies have gone as far as banning access to AI tools within the workplace. Whilst also using sophisticated software to protect their business operations. But even with these efforts, in practice, people are often the biggest compliance risk facing organisations. 

In this Learning Technologies 2024 seminar, Saffron’s Noorie and Molly explore this topic and the role AI can play in supporting a culture of compliance and managing the risk introduced to businesses by people themselves. Enter your details below to catch up on the session and transform your compliance strategy… 

Catch up and download the slides to explore:

  • A use case for AI in a heavily regulated industry that promotes learning at the point of need
  • Using data insights to measure success, impact and drive results
  • Whether an AI driven approach can provide real time risk management that even impresses regulators

Combining practical tips and thought-leading research, this seminar will arm you with the tools you need to change the culture of compliance in your organisation.