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According to the Global Sentiment Survey, AI is both the top trend and the biggest challenge facing L&D in 2024. How can you pioneer transformation to use AI as a strategic partner?

Most L&D departments are experimenting with AI for content generation and ideation. But this alone is not transformative for the business. L&D must use AI as a strategic partner, able to deliver tangible performance improvement and accelerate upskilling and reskilling. 

Saffron’s Noorie and Molly explore this topic and the role AI can play in driving workforce productivity, performance and measuring the impact, in this seminar at Learning Technologies 2024. Enter your details below to catch up on the session and transform your strategy to use AI far beyond just content generation… 

Catch up and download the slides to explore:

  • The current use of AI in business operations
  • How L&D can use AI to tackle critical workplace challenges and accelerate upskilling and reskilling
  • Using data insights to measure success, impact and drive results

Combining practical tips and thought-leading research, this seminar will arm you with the tools you need to ensure your organisation can become people and performance centred – and measure the results!

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