Saffron eaSe point of need

70% of learning takes place on the job.

Be there for your learners.

Saffron eaSe is a point-of-need learning tool that integrates with a learner’s everyday workflow. It provides context-sensitive assistance to help streamline the learning process by giving learners the information they need, when they need it.

  • Reach learners at every stage of the learning journey
  • Reduce training and support time and cost
  • Encourage self-directed learning
  • Works on any system, from Salesforce to Workday
Saffron eaSe in action
60% of businesses include point-of-need tools in their learning strategy

Performance support for the data generation


Reduce training time across your organisation and provide 100% learning coverage


Acknowledgement functions ensure regulatory compliance


User behaviour data collection allows workflow optimisation


Reduce helpdesk support and drive self-directed learning across the organisation

Saffron eaSe point of need
“In the field of knowledge management, no tool has had such an impact on me.”
Dr Gabriel Dohman

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