Saffron eaSe point of need

Performance-boosting walkthroughs

Learning on the job, in the workflow, at the point of need

Imagine being able to use a system or new feature for the first time without having to remember the training you did weeks ago… or being able to get through an unfamiliar process easily and accurately, first time. Imagine increased user adoption and frictionless system deployments. Well, there’s no need to imagine as that’s exactly what Saffron eaSe enables. With visual clues that overlay your system or processes with strategically placed content, users get the help they want exactly when they need it.

60% of businesses include point-of-need tools in their learning strategy

Performance support for the data generation


Reduce training time across your organisation and provide 100% learning coverage


Acknowledgement functions ensure regulatory compliance


Data analytics enable targeted system upgrades and user training


Increase the value of your IT investment by allowing quicker user adoption

Saffron eaSe point of need
“In the field of knowledge management, no tool has had such an impact on me.”
Dr Gabriel Dohman

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