How has AI delivered effective coaching at scale?

To respond to the fast-paced working landscape of the future – and present – it is a business imperative to drive essential soft skills development, at every level.

Traditional coaching is a proven method of enabling effective skills development in the workplace and yet because of cost and lack of measurable ROI, it is invariably reserved for only the select few.

AI technology has the potential to not only extend the benefits of a coaching journey to an entire workforce, but also provide quantifiable data that measures progress towards acquisition of skills. But in adopting a digital approach do we lose the ‘human touch’ – the interpersonal skills and empathy – of 1-to-1 coaching?

Check out our recent Learning Technologies seminar and download the slides to find out!

Saffron’s Noorie Sazen will delve into how digital technology and AI can democratise and improve the workplace coaching experience, whilst also accelerating skills development. The session will explore:

  •           Using AI technology to embed a data-driven coaching culture that supports skills development
  •           How AI can enhance the ‘human touch’ to support coach and coachee alike
  •          Developing a new model of guided coaching

Don’t miss this opportunity to access exclusive practical tips you can utilise within your organisation, as well as insight into proven results from AI and digital coaching.  

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