Employability Solutions



Create Your Own Future provides ‘scalable’ skills, employment and training support.

  • Uses innovative technology that caters for all digital capabilities — using voice, video and text recognition
  • Supports individuals to become “job-ready,” and explore alternative career paths 24/7
  • Helps career advisors to provide more high quality personalised individual support
  • Delivers transparency and “big-data” for continual improvement analysis to prime contractors and funders

The user’s journey

The user selects their video mentor, who captures demographic information, motivations and aspirations — building confidence and rapport without the need for “form-filling”.

The user is then guided through a skills assessment; the output of which is matched to appropriate job profiles and training. This allows the mentor to support the user to explore the output and build an action plan to turn aspirations into training and employment.

The platform can alert the adviser as to when the user may be struggling or is losing engagement, and can support at the moment that a real human intervention would be needed.

Nudges, notifications and game mechanics are used to keep the user engaged throughout, with built-in reflection points to refocus their aims and assess their progress.

Advisor support

The Create Your Own Future platform is designed to complement and support advisors. It is a focused and effective method of support as it identifies what users need help with and when they need it. It allows for advisers to monitor continued engagement once employment has been secured and allows timely intervention to support users new in-role.

Advisers can receive “at risk” alerts based on when users are disengaged and regular live status reports are available as the user progresses.

After the session I realised my job wasn’t right for me and my hopes for the future. 6 months on I’m in an amazing new role that is allowing me to grow in a new direction.

Prime contractors

The platform is fully customisable, can be broken down into separate functional parts and wrap around prime contractors’ existing infrastructure. It can be rebranded, as well as incorporate additional courses, live job-boards, external support groups and more!

And with typically 200-300 data-points collected for each user, the platform captures a mass of data for analysis, and reporting.

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