Gamification and behavioural science – a winning combination

How can learning technologies unlock true behavioural change?

Our seminar on Gamification and behavioural science – a winning combination: unlocking the mystery of achieving transformational change was a huge hit at LT17. Presented by CEO Noorie Sazen and instructional designer James Tyas, audiences were shown learning experiences, crafted for Saffron’s clients, that achieved truly ground-breaking changes, saving one organisation £8 million per year and increasing another in value by over $100 million. Register here to be sent a free copy of the seminar slides and video for our insider knowledge on:

  • Using behavioural science insights to devise meaningful gamification
  • Implementing design that taps into our basic human needs for connection, approval, affirmation and autonomy
  • Incorporating delightful, unexpected variable rewards to drive engaged behaviour
  • Creating interventions that encourage learners to take ownership, letting them do less but take away more

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Here at Saffron we’re experts at leveraging behavioural science and gamification in learning. We’d love to discuss more and help you plan the next steps for your people development strategy. If you’re interested in arranging a meeting with us, feel free to get in touch!

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