Technological change and economic upheaval means that both individuals and organisations are suffering from uncertainty. Combined with the current pandemic, this means that those who are adaptable will not only survive but claim market leadership.

Creating career adaptable employees is a business imperative for Learning and Development and will be the defining topic to create positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

The difficulty is establishing a framework for assessing career capability, and then figuring out how to act on your findings.

In this webinar we’ll also be sharing a preview of the cutting-edge initiative we’re developing for the CareerTech Challenge, to provide career adaptability skills for vulnerable sector workers.

View the webinar to discover:

  • How you can address career adaptability in your organisation.
  • What are the tried-and-tested methods of evaluation.
  • The difference between hard and soft skills, and when they’re most useful.
  • How to progress from career adaptability profiles to defining skills.
  • The cutting-edge solutions to build vital skills in a fraction of the time.

The solution to these complex and topical issues will require fundamentally analysing our approaches to skills. This seminar will help you to understand what approaches will serve best in creating a learning culture that protects business interests and employment prospects for your organisation’s workforce.