We live in a digital world that is changing jobs and the workplace. Even before Covid-19, more than 6 million jobs were likely to be replaced by automation and more than this number will lose their jobs due to Covid-19. In this climate, how can organisations and individuals secure their economic future?

Career adaptability will be key to navigating this changing world of work. This requires individuals and organisations to have a continuous learning mindset. But it requires time and effort.

Unionlearn are working with Saffron Interactive and Nesta to create a programme that will unlock these barriers.

Join Noorie and Liz on this webinar which will address:

  • What is career adaptability
  • How you can assess your skills
  • Look at the barriers you may have to learning
  • Discuss your motivations to learn
  • Discuss what you need to make learning a part of your day to day life

The webinar will involve interactive polls to ensure that we design a programme that is created by you, and for you.