Create Your Own Future is a cutting-edge platform that helps participants through the journey back to work and/or in developing a long-term sustainable career.

The platform features an Artificially Intelligent video mentor to guide and personalise the participant’s experience, align their skills, interests and strengths to matched job profiles as well as guiding them towards free Levels 1 and 2 skills training. 

Goal setting and an action plan together with thoughtful behavioural nudges from the mentor coax the participant towards goal completion and employment outcomes, when their confidence or activity drops.

TUC’s unionlearn contributed to the development of this version of the platform and can, through union learning representatives, provide human support.

For the future, we envision refining, adapting and developing the platform in partnership with like-minded people and organisations who are committed to developing solutions for the good of all in our community. 

We’d love to get feedback and input from like-minded people, organisations and partners to help us develop this valuable tool and to create all our futures.

Download our information pack to discover more about the tool and utilising it’s capabilities in your organisation!