Even before the pandemic, more than 6 million jobs were likely to be replaced by automation and more than this number will lose their jobs due to Covid-19 in the UK.

In this climate, how can organisations and individuals secure their economic future? 

With the workplace entering a new era; upskilling, reskilling and career adaptability is essential for the success of businesses and individuals alike. 

Saffron Interactive have developed a career adaptability platform, with design input from TUC’s unionlearn, that enables workers to analyse their transferable skills, and acquire the resilience and skills they need to face their futures with confidence. The platform uses innovative videobots to guide and motivate learners.

Screenshot of Nesta's Create Your Own Future Programme build with Saffron Interactive

This will be the first opportunity to see the tool and learn how it can support users to reflect on their skills, plan for the future, explore jobs and potential career pathways to expand job opportunities and improve their economic future.

This interactive session will include:

  • Project overview
  • Create your own future demonstration
  • ULR support
  • Project evaluation plan

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