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Coaching is proven to drive development both for the individual and the organisation. 70% of coachees report improved work performance, as well as enhanced skills and work satisfaction. All of which drive significant bottom-line impact.

However, the cost of conventional, one-to-one coaching means this isn’t affordable for the entire workforce. But this no longer needs to be the case.

Thanks to the rapid advancements of AI and digital technology, it is now possible to extend the benefits and provide a scalable, high quality coaching experience to every employee.

When harnessed intelligently, learning data has the power to seed cultural change. This positions L&D with the opportunity to pioneer that change and generate organisational growth, impact and performance.

This seminar will show you:

  • How AI-enabled coaches can deliver a personalised, intuitive and emotionally intelligent coaching experience, and they can do it consistently for every individual
  • How to accelerate skills acquisition at scale using AI and digital, without losing the human touch
  • How live support, working in tandem with AI, can deliver high value help where it is needed most
  • How you can increase learner confidence by 92%
  • How you can utilise your existing resources, courses and training material to provide personalised development pathways