Online digital tools that support employment services can deliver consistency and efficiency for the provider. But can they support the individual? 

And can a digital platform itself encourage motivation and behavioural change?

To find out, grab the slides or watch the recording from our recent webinar, presented alongside ERSA.

We explored key findings from the formal evaluation report of the Create Your Own Future platform. With over 300 data-points collected per user, including attitude and sentiment, plus qualitative follow-up research, the slide deck will provide insight into:

  • User experience and attitude towards digital technology
  • Behavioural and sentiment changes as a result of the digital activity
  • Analysis of transferable skills, confidence, barriers and motivation broken down by demographics
  • Career adaptability and how effectively it can be applied in a digital environment

If you have any questions about the session, the data referenced or the Create Your Own Future platform itself, please do get in touch