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Acquiring new skills is what most people want. But what barriers lie between the learner’s intention and the realisation of these goals? An L&D strategy may be expertly implemented yet miss the key factors behind these questions, leading to lost time, energy and investment. In this seminar we explored the factors that lead to genuine behavioural change, and how to foster them in your learning culture.

Download the slides or click play on the full session above, to discover:

  •  Why lack of time isn’t the reason employees aren’t engaging with their self-development.
  • The 175 human biases that prevent effective learning, and how to overcome them.
  • How to take employees on the learner journey from “unready” to “action”.

This seminar and slide deck explains the science behind motivation, with practical tools and tips to help you transform your learning strategy. We’ll show you how to develop the approach that builds your employees’ skillsets and unlocks their potential.