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Watch the session or grab the slide deck to explore how unlearning could be the key to a successful skills strategy… 

The pace of change is continuing to accelerate, and the skills needed to remain relevant are constantly evolving. But is it more important to learn the skills for the future or unlearn the skills of the past? Could unlearning offer the solution to building a resilient, agile and adaptable workforce?

Download the slides or watch the session on-demand to join Saffron’s Ben Broadribb and Molly Courtice as they: 

  • Demystify what it means to ‘unlearn’
  • Ask whether learning and unlearning are mutually exclusive
  • Explore whether unlearning should be part of a skills strategy

This seminar and slide deck will combine the latest thought-leading research and practical tips, to arm you with the tools you need to ensure your organisation is fit for the future.