Reduce time-to-competence

Lots to embed, little time to spare

Reducing time-to-competence delivers immediate ROI for any organisation. Your people should have the information they need to hit the ground running as soon as they join your organisation. It’s equally important to embed your culture, behaviours and values. And of course, you want to make new starters feel welcome.

That’s why a carefully designed induction programme is a must-have for any organisation. But purely face to face inductions can be costly and time consuming. It’s also impossible to ensure that all new starters are receiving a consistent message.

Connect with the connected generation

Most of your new starters are totally at ease online, and introducing elearning experiences and platforms into your programme can be game changing. We can help, whether you’re looking to replace a face to face induction or simply support it with an online solution. Examples of onboarding programmes we’ve developed include:

  • Induction elearning packages that bring together values, systems training and resources in one place
  • Blended, self-paced programmes which support the journey from kick-off to full competence
  • Global, multi-language graduate platforms that are accessible outside of the client’s main infrastructure
  • Social networking sites which allow new starters to gain valuable insights from each other and their teams

We understand what’s at stake

Get onboarding right and you can embed the right values from the start. Get it wrong and you’ll create disengagement. Our consultants will help you design the induction programme which is right for your organisation and appropriate for your learner base.

Take a look at our blog post on ‘Creating an effective online induction programme’ or get in touch to start rewiring your onboarding process.

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