Getting rid of Google webinar advert

Get rid of Google – give your people the right learning, when they need it

Thank you for attending our webinar on how performance support tools can enable true point-of-need learning. Below you can find more information on our point-of-need research, see it in action through our point-of-need tool Saffron eaSe, and download a copy of the slides including key takeaways.

Point-of-need learning research

Our research into and analysis of:

  • How prepared large organisations are to implement point-of-need learning
  • What point-of-need tools are being provided in these organisations
  • The direction being taken by the latest point-of-need technology
  • How point-of-need learning tools can allow L&D to reclaim the position of trusted advisor

 eaSe – Saffron’s point-of-need tool

Discover how eaSe can deliver:

  • Guidance through any application
  • Compliance training at point of need
  • Context relevant assistance in real-time
  • Helpdesk support and development
  • Easy content creation and updates
  • On-premise or SAAS options
  • Desktop application , web client, mobile enabled

Download the slides