Soft skills

Time for the hard part

Actions speak louder

When it comes to the right behaviours, there’s a big difference between knowing what to do and doing it. Most managers understand the right way to communicate in a meeting, or run a performance appraisal. But how many actually act on that?

The problem is that ‘soft skills’ training usually involves challenging the same behaviours which have made your people successful. Managers are not the same as high-performers. And leaders are not the same as managers. If your soft skills training project is to add value, it should begin with searching questions about the culture of your organisation and the journey that you offer to your best people.

Be the change you want to see

We develop blended soft skills programmes which achieve critical strategic objectives or large scale changes in culture. The challenges range from embedding a new business process to a global campaign around mental resilience or sustainability.

What you want is for your people to take action. This is how we help you achieve that:

  • Communications campaigns which frame the training positively
  • Diagnostics which make learning outcomes relatable
  • In-depth stories and case studies to build emotional investment
  • Scenarios which anticipate objections and overcome them
  • Personalised toolkits, pledges and action plans to make learning applicable
  • Social platforms and circle-back programmes to ensure the new behaviours get put into practice

Capability development

At the heart of behavioural training is capability development. Skills-based learning should be focussed on the future needs of your organisation, both in terms of your talent pipeline and the capabilities required to survive this century’s challenges.

So perhaps it isn’t really an elearning module you need. Instead, it may be more appropriate to run a learning needs analysis and decide how to better deploy your existing resources. Take a look at our consultancy services to see how we help you grow towards learning maturity.

Find out more by reading some of our case studies below, or get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

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