We need to talk about me…

Suitably spurred to action, Nick Baum tells us what Premiership-level learners need to know.

Why do I want to learn this? What’s in it for me? What am I expected to do? Learners want to know what’s in it for them before they’ll even consider beginning to engage with a course. “If I don’t know what’s in it for me, I won’t be switched on. If I’m not switched on, I’m not going to be motivated to do. If I’m not motivated to do, then nothing will change. ”

If learners aren’t engaged in the first place you can forget about delivering any kind of measurable success. We need to develop the ‘me’ aspect of learning in 2013. Learners are more time-poor and disengaged than ever. They don’t just want learning to be a conversation that’s worth having – that’s what they need it to be. Self-actualisation or ‘me-learning’ should be our new paradigm. Here are three steps to making it happen.

‘Me’ Learning

Allow learners to discover what’s in it for them, how they can develop a better ‘me’. To instigate this process, we’ve been working with a variety of self-diagnostic activities given at the head of the learning process. A ‘self-diagnostic’ is any exercise requiring learners to honestly evaluate how they’re currently performing. Superficially, this may look like extra testing; learners are quizzed before they begin a course, quizzed throughout it, quizzed at the end. The same approach applies to everyone: death by quiz. But it’s the exact opposite, here’s why. Imagine the captain of the five-a-side.

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Nick Baum - Instructional designer