Boosting performance with blended learning: Saffron and Michelin shortlisted for eLearning Awards

Michelin and Saffron Interactive have been shortlisted in the category of “Best use of blended learning” for the “Brand Usage by Dealers” programme. The programme applied cutting-edge instructional approaches to deliver an astonishing increase in brand value.

The power of brands to add value to a business is remarkable. But brands rely totally on employee behaviour and consumer perception: any mistake can erode brand equity overnight.

Saffron Interactive and Michelin developed a global blended programme to grow the value of the brand by driving the adoption of governance rules and changing behaviours.

The success of the programme is demonstrated by an independent analysis of brand value. In 2015, brand equity grew by $405 million and reversed its decline in value as a percentage of enterprise value, instead rising to 26.3%.

“Saffron Interactive’s focus is on improving business performance and nearly all of our solutions form part of a blended approach which is aimed at just that,” says Noorie Sazen, CEO at Saffron.

“This programme started out as an urgent business need combined with an appetite for innovation on the part of the client. I’m proud that we delivered that within the challenging technical constraints faced by any large manufacturer with a global, mobile salesforce. We hope it goes on to win the Gold award that Michelin deserves in November!”