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Digital first! How you can flip the classroom blend

Blended learning is something that we at Saffron have talked about for over a decade. In The Blended Learning Cookbook first published in 2005 by Saffron, our founder Hanif Sazen, talked about the promise of a ‘blended pill’ that would solve all the challenges faced by organisations trying to do something better, or differently.

There’s no doubt that blended learning works. What remains however, is the challenge of time. Time to create, time to learn, time to reflect and time to apply.

Eleven years later, there’s a new challenge. Learners! Previously, they were happy attending a classroom session that was supported by an online intervention, but today where time is at even more of a premium, where access to learning should be barrier-free, and instant gratification is key to learner engagement, as is personalisation; we’ve changed our approach — we’ve flipped it!

Martina Donnelly from PwC explains in this video how a blended programme developed with Saffron puts digital first. Targeted at Gen C learners from the connected generation, this immersive simulation focuses on project managers’ soft skills development. It uses a variety of learning techniques to capitalise on the replayability of a serious game simulation to embed behaviours that enhance performance. By using a highly sophisticated scoring model within the simulation we’ve made these soft-skills, hard, and therefore measurable and personalised. We set exercises and research that needs to be completed outside the course, which becomes input for the simulation, assessment and feedback. And, we’ve enforced time to reflect, time to review, signposting the learner to resources that drive self-improvement and further learning. If that wasn’t enough, micro-games within the larger simulation help reinforce business principles, and yes there are rewards to be won too!