Notepad with new years resolutions

Learning Resolutions for the year ahead. Disclaimer: ones you can actually stick to!

Many of us, after what seems like weeks of eating, drinking and being merry will vow to start the year with a healthy new outlook. Resolutions to ‘cut out wine’, ‘eat more veg’ and ‘start jogging’ will be flying around. Many of these will have been given up on, if not completely forgotten, by January 15th.

So I’m here to make 2019 the year that you stick to at least one resolution, because I’ve got some really great, easy ones for you to put on the list. I give you –

Emily’s Learning Resolutions

I (INSERT NAME) sincerely vow to attend more industry events

Whilst it’s hard to feel enthusiastic about every event invitation that lands in your inbox, it’s important to attend the ones that do offer value and help you work. Sure, some might seem like hours of browsing pretty much identical stands, with free chocolate being the only perk, but they really are valuable! Events are great ways to meet with and really talk to potential new suppliers, catch up with existing contacts and keep up-to-date with industry trends. No one wants to be the last to hear about the latest buzz. Learning Technologies in February, for example, offers exhibition stands, insightful seminars and conference speakers on a range of topics. You also have CIPD events and related industry events in the Tech space that can spark new ideas on approach and methodology.

I (INSERT NAME) sincerely vow to keep up-to-date with changes in legislation

Those that work in compliance training know all too well that a small change in legislation can cause great disturbance within an organisation. From updating existing material, to embarking on creating brand new content, it needs to be budgeted for and given sufficient time. And that’s before you try to understand the full business implications! Staying aware of future changes means you can go into the year with a prepared mind (and budget!).

Luckily, websites such as CIPD and give in-depth and up-to-date information on the changes you can expect in the future. For example, the much talked about GDPR in next May – how will this change your business model?

I (INSERT NAME) sincerely vow to try out new ‘trends’ before dismissing them

Already excited by all the events this year has to offer? Whilst you’re there, take the chance to try out new trends. Not many people can immediately purchase VR headsets for a department or organisation, so events are a crucial opportunity to try out new pieces of tech and keep abreast of business strategies. Similarly, attending a seminar or talk on an unfamiliar topic is time well spent if it means you get the basics to allow further research.

I (INSERT NAME) sincerely vow to look into future-proofing our existing content

Technology develops quickly and it can seem like a challenge to stay on top of things. A lot of content on LMSs is still in Flash, which won’t be supported much longer, and will only become more expensive to maintain.  Converting legacy Flash content to HTML means learning can now be accessed on tablets and smartphones and, in addition, content can be updated easily and cheaply. This might seem like a mammoth task, so speak to us to see how we can make it easy.

I (INSERT NAME) sincerely vow to use my commute more effectively

This doesn’t necessarily mean cramming in extra emails or real work, but by taking that time as personal development time, I’ve really supported the rest of my life. Mobile apps such as duolingo help you learn a new language, whilst brain-training apps such a Peak help to improve memory, language and mental agility.

So there are my top New Year’s learning resolutions.

Go on, commit to trying one.