Saffron Interactive and Bovis Lend Lease promote sustainability

Saffron Interactive is proud to announce the development of a bespoke sustainability e-learning course at Bovis Lend Lease UK, a leading project management and construction company.

The e-learning course represents an innovative approach to engaging staff on the subject of sustainability.

The interactive course (Every Action Adds Up) is part of Bovis Lend Lease’s wider sustainability strategy. This strategy is to enable the company to design, contract and manage zero net carbon, waste and water developments as part of the wider Lend Lease group. As a result the company realised it needed everyone to understand the current activities required to deliver the strategy.

The e-learning course highlights the small changes which all employees can make to increase the positive impact that the company and the wider industry has on the environment and local communities. Using bespoke interactions and graphics, the course is designed to make the already award winning sustainability strategy engaging and relevant to learners whilst motivating them to make a difference.

Bovis Lend Lease’s Learning and Development Manager, Siobhan Glover, says “This is an exciting time for us, developing Training and Development content which both communicates our core sustainability values plus encompasses the spirit of sustainability via the web access facility through which our people will access and complete this programme. The project team have worked hard to interpret our requirements and are about to handover a programme which is engaging for our people whatever level or aspect of our business the work within.”

About Bovis Lend Lease

Bovis Lend Lease is one of the UK’s leading construction and project management companies and has a strong track record of delivering landmark projects.

The company offers a growing range of sector skills from the mainstream commercial and retail markets to leisure, pharmaceuticals, airports and public private partnerships. Bovis Lend Lease UK has recently been involved in a number of flagship projects including Central Manchester University Hospitals, the Broadgate Tower and the Ministry of Defence’s Single Living Accommodation Modernisation programme (SLAM).

Bovis Lend Lease has established a number of joint venture partnerships to plan, project manage and deliver regeneration schemes around the world and we are committed to being a sustainable organisation, both in what we do and what we build.

Bovis Lend Lease UK is the 2010 winner of the Environmental Leadership for Cultural Change Award at the National Environment and Energy Awards 2010 whilst Dr. Paul Toyne, Head of Sustainability, Bovis Lend Lease UK was awarded Environment Manager of the Year Award.

Bovis Lend Lease UK is also the 2009 winner of the Green National Business Award for Overall
Environmental Management and the Business Commitment to the Environment Sir Peter Parker Award.

More information on Bovis Lend Lease’s projects and programmes can be found at