Saffron Interactive and Maternal Mental Health Alliance making sure perinatal mental health is Everyone’s Business

Saffron Interactive, award-winning digital learning technology company, has redeveloped the Maternal Mental Health Alliance website, helping to improve the delivery of vital resources to women with perinatal mental health issues.

The Maternal Mental Health Alliance’s Everyone’s Business campaign has launched new maps that show that pregnant women and new mums in a quarter of the UK still cannot access specialist perinatal mental health services. Saffron has helped redevelop their website to maximise the impact of these maps and the existing resources it holds.

Since Saffron last worked with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance to develop the Everyone’s Business campaign website, branding and communications in 2014, there have been improvements in postpartum care across the UK. However, that progress still isn’t evenly distributed across the country, meaning that many women and their families still face a postcode lottery to get the help they need.

More than 1 in 10 women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or within the first year after having a baby. In the most serious cases, perinatal mental illness can be life threatening: suicide is a leading cause of death for women during pregnancy and one year after giving birth.

When a woman lives in an area where she can access specialist services, with a team of trained staff, it can make all the difference to her quality of care, speed of recovery and support both for her, her baby and her family.

The website redesign, overseen by Saffron, contains essential resources such as action plans, pathway assessments, and perinatal care maps of the UK.

Saffron were the natural partner in this 2018 project having impressed the campaign team with our consultative approach, visual designs and intuitive UX design in the 2014 project.

The Everyone’s Business campaign has also been consolidated into the site to further focus its push to bring levels of care up to standard across the country.

“Our business is built upon making people take action, and this project has been a wonderful opportunity to use technology to actively change attitudes and improve care for women affected, as well as their families,” says Karim Ladak, Chief Operating Officer at Saffron Interactive. “This website provides a cohesive overview for commissioners, healthcare professionals and politicians to identify and structure the support for those affected.”

In order to correct the gaps that currently exist across all nations of the UK, the Everyone’s Business campaign is calling for all areas of need to receive the necessary funding to end the postcode lottery for specialist services. Commitment at both the national and local level is needed to turn the map green and to ensure these funds result in lifesaving services for women and babies everywhere.

Download the new maps and view the new website here.