Saffron Interactive and Natural Resource Governance Institute win Gold International E-Learning Award for business

Saffron Interactive and NRGI have developed an interactive serious game named Petronia, which won the business category of the IELA Awards announced in New York on 14 June 2019. The serious game has already been dubbed “grand theft petro” by The Economist and has been designed to make the complex and interdependent concepts of resource governance accessible to everyone.

NRGI partnered with Saffron Interactive to develop a globally available serious game, that would empower current and future change makers in resource-rich countries. One that would reach learners in environments where it’s not easy to get information about how the country’s oil, gas or mineral resources are being governed – but where it is essential to find out. A game that would embed that information, using a media-rich environment so immersive that learners would truly feel the power and great responsibility that comes with managing the resources of a whole country.

Twinned with a reporting platform that shows the impact and reach of the game, it is attracting audiences in not only the target countries that NRGI wanted to reach, but also where they do not have a physical presence.

Lisa Morris of NRGI said “There is an urgent need for countries to manage their natural resources more efficiently. We know that when citizens understand some of the priorities, risks and challenges involved in governing resources and are trained and empowered with the knowledge and skills to play a role in this, the governance of natural resources can benefit all citizens, not just the few”.

“Saffron’s approach to gamification is unmatched because we use insights from all the behavioural sciences to design exciting, but impactful serious games that put learning into action.” said Noorie Sazen, CEO of Saffron interactive. It consolidates and affirms Saffron’s inclusion in Training Industry’s Top 20 Gamification Companies list for the last 6 years consecutively.

You can access the Petronia simulation course at You can also visit Saffron’s website to learn more about their award-winning approach to gamification, schedule product demos and arrange a free consultation.