Saffron brings high speed training to Heathrow Express

Saffron is proud to announce the development of a sub surface fire awareness e-learning course for Heathrow Express.

This is the first collaboration between Saffron and Heathrow Express, the fastest rail link from London to Heathrow Airport, and represents an important development in Heathrow Express’ use of technology in learning

The sub surface fire awareness course is for Heathrow Express’ business partners and second tier suppliers who total approximately 700 people in a range of job roles including cleaners and engineers. The course will not only meet necessary requirements but will also increase learners’ awareness of the risks of fire and their ability to respond appropriately in the event of a fire. This invaluable training will also include a focus on track awareness and demonstrates Heathrow Express’ commitment to the safety of its passengers and staff.

A key part of the training will be to maintain learner engagement and make a clear link between the training and their work at the Heathrow Express site. To overcome this challenge, Saffron is working closely with the Heathrow Express team to develop an expert understanding of the content and to create bespoke graphics and animations. Furthermore, the course will include realistic and relevant dilemmas to enable the learner to recognise how their correctly raising the alarm in the event of a fire will save lives.

Heathrow Express’ Learning and Development Manager Chris Knapp says “This is an important training requirement for Heathrow Express, and one which must be highly engaging to ensure learning transfer is effective to the target audience.” I’m sure our learners will be delighted at the convenience of being able to learn when and where they want, using technology which will really enhance their learning experience. “We currently run approximately 46 sub surface fire awareness courses a year, on average each attended by 20 delegates. The new e-learning course will deliver the training in one hour with no travel required, bringing a direct business benefit of 2760 hours per year. Over the projected five year lifespan of the course, that’s a total saving of over 13,800 hours from delegates alone.”