Saffron Interactive named as a Top 20 Gamification Company has selected Saffron Interactive as a part of its first-ever “Top 20 Gamification Companies” list, published this week. Saffron Interactive’s inclusion recognises its history in the area of gamification and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of learning technologies.

“We live by the words: ‘From behaviour changing games to game-changing behaviour’, and we’ve always been pioneers when it comes to employing a game-based approach towards learning in order to achieve specific objectives,” says Noorie Sazen, CEO at Saffron Interactive. “People are often surprised to hear that we’ve been gamifying learning for nearly a decade now”.

The recognition follows Saffron’s contribution to an L&D Tech Trends report on the business impact of gamification earlier this year. As research into behavioural economics adds to the case for gamifying learning, Training Industry’s inclusion of Saffron on the list recognises that it:

  • Includes an impressive array of gamified products and services
  • Has a wide geographical reach
  • Has won awards, gained recognition, and is unique in its field

“These Top 20 companies provide creative gaming tools to improve and reinforce corporate learning,” said Doug Harward, Training Industry Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer. “The gamification segment has become a critical component in many training companies’ portfolios and these select companies showcase the best of that market.”

Saffron Interactive looks outside of the L&D industry at best-practice methodologies in consumer user experience design in order to bring new ideas to online learning.

“We’ve found that elements of what is described as ‘gamification’ tend to merge seamlessly with good user experience design and as such, gamification is integrated into nearly every learning experience we design, or as part of a wider blend” adds Toby Harris, creative lead at Saffron.

“Beyond than just badges or points, in practice gamification means leveraging the cognitive biases your learners have in order to reward engagement with new values, skills and behaviours.”