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Saffron Interactive webinar to showcase gamification techniques from June 2017 award win

The session, “Serious gamification for serious threats”, will be facilitated by Donald H Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Skills Group, and James Tyas, Senior Instructional Designer at Saffron. It combines the most incisive insights on gamification and behavioural science from Saffron’s well-received Learning Technologies Summer Forum seminar with tangible examples from the course awarded CIR Business Continuity Award Initiative of the Year 2017 earlier this month.

With the digital revolution comes a new catalogue of security risks. External threats such as cyber-attacks and natural disasters add to threats from within caused by employee disengagement and the yawning skills gap. For businesses to survive, learning must evolve at a pace to match these threats. The job of truly transformative learning is to equip employees with the requisite techniques and behaviours so that they become instinctive and automatic. The Serious gamification for serious threats webinar will address how to deliver this tangible change through gamification and behavioural science in learning.

“Our innovative approach to security awareness training leverages all we know about behavioural science and serious game mechanics,” says James Tyas. “I’ll explain how to use these techniques to create emotional buy-in and deliver lasting behavioural change.” James will also demonstrate recent case studies of projects developed for clients, including the resilience simulation awarded CIR Business Continuity Initiative of the Year.

This session will uncover how to keep your learning at the cutting edge, outmanoeuvring shifting threats by:

  • Implementing design that taps into our basic human needs for connection, approval, affirmation and autonomy
  • Applying gamification in a serious manner to create interventions that interest – without gimmicks
  • Infusing the learning with behavioural science that harnesses intangible emotional forces to generate real behavioural change
  • Creating engaging scenarios and simulations that drive home the importance of security awareness and give learners the ability to defend the organisation themselves
  • Putting these elements into practice, with case studies and metrics from recent real-world work with Saffron’s clients

Interested learning professionals can register for the webinar here.


James Tyas, Senior Instructional Designer, Saffron Interactive

James is a talented creative writer with a deep interest in behavioural science. He combines the two disciplines to create truly magnetic learning experiences that transform behaviours. He has extensive experience of managing client projects large and small and is known for his drive to constantly innovate instructional design techniques. An avid gamer, James understands the controlling motivations that allow us to become truly immersed in a situation, be it a boss battle or a learning intervention.

Donald H Taylor, Chairman, Learning and Skills Group

Donald is a veteran of the learning, skills and human capital industries, with experience at every level from delivery to chairman of the board. A recognised commentator and organiser in the fields of workplace learning and learning technologies, Donald is passionately committed to helping develop the learning and development profession.