Saffron responds to new e-learning challenges for recruiters

Saffron Interactive is pleased to announce a new project to launch an e-learning platform for Recruitment Juice, an innovative recruitment training company. As a surge of applicants swamp the market, recruiters face unique new training challenges to keep ahead and Saffron has the solution.

The recession and rise in unemployment can actually be a good time for recruitment consultancies, which are experiencing a growth in demand for their services in a flooded market. However, companies face being left behind unless they can meet the training challenges created by different market conditions. To succeed, recruiters across the whole organisation need to improve their ability to pick and prepare the best candidates and win new business.

When Recruitment Juice was faced with the task of creating an e-learning platform to deliver this training for a major recruitment consultancy they turned to Saffron Interactive’s LMS in-a-box. The client required a customised Learning Management System which would not only deliver training videos but also track learner progress with bespoke quizzes and assessments, and allow the client to upload their own training material.

Matt Trott, Director and Co-founder of Recruitment Juice, explains: “Building an e-learning platform with this kind of capability and rolling it out enterprise-wide for a major client within tight budget restraints is no mean feat. Out of the twelve suppliers I researched Saffron won hands down, and when a friend also recommended Saffron my mind was made up.”

Saffron’s solution is based on Moodle, an open-source platform. Moodle is one of the most widely used Learning Management Systems in the world and is proven to be effective with large organisations such as The Open University, but for a specialist project like this one finding the right vendor is crucial for success.

Saffron already provides specialist e-learning solutions for high-profile, now the Saffron team is working closely with Recruitment Juice to build and launch the platform and will provide ongoing advice and technical support as the system evolves to suit the client’s needs.

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About Recruitment Juice

“The World’s freshest approach to recruitment training”

Recruitment Juice pioneers innovative and ground-breaking DVD training programmes for recruiters worldwide. Revolutionising the way recruiters learn by engaging, educating, and inspiring, Recruitment Juice delivers tangible and significant results to business.

The company aims to bring about change by influencing attitude, increasing knowledge and developing skills. Changes for clients that mean a permanent shift in behaviour and consistent improvements in performance.

Recruitment Juice was awarded a Finalist Certificate at The New York Film Festival 2009 – Professional Education category.

For more information, please visit Recruitment Juice or call 08700 677 567