Saffron and Richemont secure Silver in International Elearning Awards ‘Mobile Learning Category’

Saffron Interactive’s innovative ‘The Right Choice’ program for leading luxury goods conglomerate Richemont has been chosen for excellence in the Business Mobile Learning Category.

Richemont came to Saffron with a simple but important request: How can an organisation become resilient in the face of breaches in information security? This was the question they were working towards answering as part of their blended ‘Be Aware, Be Secure’ programme. They were looking for a short and engaging piece of training that would build consistent knowledge, engagement, and ambassadorship across all Richemont’s Maisons.
Employees are the first line of defence for information security at Richemont and its luxury brands, and Richemont wanted to equip them with the tools they need. The resulting 10-minute intervention presented employees with quick-fire, gamified decisions to cultivate a mindset of “I am responsible for security” and “I can learn and share”. Learners can earn points as they learn and play, including bonus rounds and hot streaks. The game uses familiar characters from Richemont’s wider creative security ‘Be Aware Be Secure’ programme, tying it in with the wider narrative that has developed around security.

Saffron Interactive’s director Noorie remarked “We’re extremely pleased to have our work recognised again by the IELA for its quality and record of success. We’ve been pioneers of mobile learning technology ever since we developed our first mobile course back in 2004, so we are confident in being able to get not only a great UI and UX experience, but be able to use our insights in learner behaviour to achieve results.”

By taking a bespoke approach that planned the learning intervention precisely around Richemont’s unique needs and circumstances, Saffron was able to make learners feel responsible for information security and equip them with the skills to confidently deal with any scenario they might come across. The mobile learning aspect prized by the IELA was particularly important for both embedding new practises and habits into learners, but also tracking and evaluating the success of the training.

Ringing endorsement

Florence Dambricourt, Richemont’s Security Awareness Manager, said “Tips on Security are based on common sense and most of the times pieces of information we all already have. Still, we forgot them or failed to put them into action. Making “The Right Choice” was about revamping our approach to create a new wave of curiosity and engagement. Kind of make “novel” known information. And it works.”

Monika Marano, Richemont Digital Learning Specialist, added “In current times, the perception of learning has rapidly evolved thanks to the rise of new technology. We can learn pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime, straight from a smartphone. “The Right Choice” is the perfect example to highlight that learning can be fun, mobile friendly, and aesthetically appealing!”.