Saffron seminar to herald Knowledge Management 3.0

Saffron Interactive, leading innovators in the learning technology sector, are preparing to unveil their new vision for the future of the enterprise knowledge-base at the 2014 Learning Live show in Bishopsgate from 10-11th September.

Saffron’s seminar will demonstrate how the power of the semantic CMS can unlock the latent people power in your organisation.  As premium exhibitors at Learning Live, Saffron will be available to talk about the future of digital learning experiences: from mobile learning and serious games to next-generation learning platforms.

“For too long now, the antiquated and unapproachable content repositories that many businesses use have held back their ability to apply insights and innovate”, says Toby Harris, creative lead at Saffron. “In the seminar, we’ll demonstrate how you can use techniques from the semantic web to renovate your knowledge base and create a platform that thinks like your business.” Saffron will demonstrate that when it comes to knowledge management, collaboration is key.

Noorie, CEO at Saffron, says that the new approach will ensure that “the familiar feeling of dread at having to trawl through mountains of information in order to find out what you really need to know will be long gone”.

The seminar at Learning Live will see Saffron use real examples to demonstrate the impact of Knowledge Management 3.0, and how companies can gain improve the applicability of insight. The Learning Live conference offers the opportunity for delegates to speak to Saffron about innovations to help businesses change behaviours and culture.

The seminar will explain:

  • The cost of the knowledge management crisis in 21st-century organisations with 20th-century technology
  • What behavioural economics and the semantic web teaches us about Knowledge Management which works
  • The importance of the semantic CMS which ‘thinks’ like your organisation does
  • Simple steps to enhance your knowledge management system with diagnostics, dashboards and data

The seminar will take place at the Learning Live Show 2014 in Bishopsgate from 10th-11th September.

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