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Saffron and the TUC take on the skills gap with the Mid-life Skills Review Project

TUC and Saffron Interactive have partnered on the vital new Mid-life Skills Review Project to help tackle the skills gap amongst older workers.

The increasing pace of change and longer working lives are making it more and more important for older workers to be able to assess and optimise their employable skills. Saffron and the TUC have partnered on The Mid-life Skills Review Project to create a host of learning tools and support to reach them in this pursuit.

The project centres around enabling older workers across Europe to conduct a Mid-Life Skills Review (MLSR) to assess the many skills they have picked up across their working life and how they might be used to extend it.

The Mid-life Skills Review Project is particularly vital in a modern economy that is being squeezed from both sides by demographic pressure (the labour force in Europe is projected to decrease by an average of two million every year between 2010 and 2030) and the pace of change enabled by digital disruption.

It focuses on developing a new good practice model for conducting an MLSR and uses an engaging digital card game to deliver that model to the target audience. The tool allows users to rate their skills capabilities and draw up action plans to improve them.

“It was a great pleasure working with the TUC on the Mid-life Skills Review Project,” says Saffron CEO Noorie Sazen. “We know from our work across all industries that the digital disruption skills gap is making it harder and harder for workers to maintain the skills they need. The power of digital learning allows us to tackle this head on through MLSRs and we’re proud to help TUC achieve that goal.”

“This will be a valuable resource for reps to support colleagues, particularly those with lower digital, literacy and numeracy skills who are disadvantaged and vulnerable to labour market changes” says TUC Projects Officer Jane Warwick. “The online transferable skills tool will help learners identify their skills strengths and skills to develop in the future.”

Watch the video above to find about more about the project’s importance, or get more information here.