Silverlight development team at Saffron

We’re excited to announce that we’re putting together a Microsoft Silverlight development team for e-learning.

Microsoft describes Silverlight as a ‘browser plug-in that enables a new class of rich, secure and scalable cross-platform experiences.’ Anticipating growing demand for e-learning built for Silverlight, we’ve put together a dedicated team to explore how it can be used to enhance the online learning experience.

One of the key benefits of Silverlight is that it enables designers and developers to work in parallel and therefore reduces overall development time. It also supports smooth and high quality 3D graphics and animation rendering, making it an competitive alternative to Flash for creating engaging e-learning.

Hanif Sazen, CEO of Saffron, says ‘we see Silverlight as being one of the key technologies of the future and, with a number of development projects for Microsoft under way, it only made sense for us to create a dedicated team.’