Five ways Tin Can will liberate your learning content!

This short post is an edited excerpt from the updated Spicy Learning Guide, an essential compendium of 101 tips to improve your learning strategy. We’ll be releasing the new Spicy Learning Guide at Learning Technologies 2013, so visit us at Stand 33 to collect your free copy!

  1. The Tin Can API stores data in a Learning Record Store (LRS) which can be shared across multiple environments. This gives you the freedom to record any learning experience, whether it takes place on an LMS, via mobile devices, in games or as participation in collaborative learning activities.
  2. Each learner is equipped with their own portable LRS called a Personal Data Locker. This gives learners the freedom to start an activity on one device (such as a smartphone or tablet) and continue on another (like a desktop PC). Even social interaction on forums, wikis and blog posts can be tagged and contribute towards scores and learning objectives.
  3. Tin Can doesn’t require a browser in the way that SCORM does. Thanks to the LRS, Tin Can allows you to host learning content anywhere and still report on it. In other words, your content is no longer trapped in an LMS. It’s free to roam the social web!
  4. How does Tin Can record such a diverse array of information? The big change is the way it understands data. Tin Can reads ‘statements’ based on an actor, verb and object formula: ‘I did this’ … ‘Dave completed that’… Known as ‘representational state transfer’, this new level of semantic depth allows for highly complex events to be tracked.
  5. Finally, Tin Can is able to store data in the absence of an internet connection. This makes your learning even more mobile (and it means that taking the tube isn’t a problem).

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