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The changing role of the LMS

Does your LMS deliver?

If you are concerned about whether your organisation’s learning management system is fit for purpose, or delivers real value, then you are not alone. Many platforms make big promises but do not seem to deliver. We wanted to find out why. So we asked 150 HR and learning technologies professionals to rate their current solution and tell us about their priorities. The results, now available in this exclusive white paper, will surprise you…

Make a better decision

The white paper is free, impartial and intended to help you make a better decision about the best solution for your organisation. Get your copy free to find out…

  • Why user experience design is critical
  • The key trends you need to watch out for 
  • The most important features and benefits 
  • What scored better: open source or off the shelf 
  • Who is planning to upgrade and when

Get an expert view

Sometimes the simplest change can make the biggest difference. We’ve found that the best solution is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one best suited to the needs of your users. This white paper cuts through the marketing spin and offers you a straight-talking view of the marketplace and the real needs of organisations. And if you like what you read, why not get in touch and arrange a free consultation with one of our experts.

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