The secret to huge ROI from e-learning

This week Saffron Interactive explains the methodology behind a forty minute e-learning course on mental resilience which delivered a £7.8 million return on investment for Transport for London.

In two seminars, Toby Harris will introduce the concept of ‘me-Learning’ and what it means for long term behavioural change.

“This remarkable course was shortlisted for an e-Learning Award and also resulted in a nomination for Instructional Designer of the Year,” says Noorie Sazen, Saffron CEO. “The figure of £7.8 million ROI alone is enough to encourage anyone to attend. But beyond that, I believe ideas underpinning ‘Me-Learning’ will become fundamental for learning professionals in the coming years.”

One year after completing this non-mandatory course, 76% of staff members are still using the techniques it teaches, and Transport for London is on track to achieve an ROI of over £23 million in the next year.

Attendees will discover how ‘me-Learning’ uses diagnostics, immersive learning and a focus on what happens outside the course to drive long term behavioural change.

Saffron Interactive’s seminar takes place twice:

  • 29 January: Theatre 1 at 11:45am (Learning Technologies)
  • 30 January: Theatre 7 at 1:45pm (learning and Skills)

The Learning Technologies Exhibition is free and takes place on 29 and 30 January: Online registration.