Top five tips for creating a look and feel for a new client

Design work for a new client can be exciting and difficult at the same time. The novelty of working with a new brand and identity comes hand in hand with the challenge of unfamiliar ground. We’ve found the steps below really worthwhile at the start of the design process for a new client, so read on for our top tips for success!

1. Get to know them

It is crucial, before deciding on the approach for a specific project, to get to know the client’s ‘world’. Ask them to provide all the material they have got about their company brand and identity. Any brand guidelines or libraries are obviously fundamental. Also don’t forget to ask for any custom font and brand elements – at the highest possible quality.

2. Do your research

After you have analysed the client material, do some extra internet investigation. Take a look at the company website and see if there are any other country versions. See what images or webpages appear when typing the client’s name in Google. It can also often be really interesting and worthwhile to take a look at their direct competitors’ websites.

3. Hold a discovery meeting

Now you’re ready to meet the client! Hold a workshop to gather any extra information you need and get to grips with the client’s needs and project objectives. Come prepared with a list of questions, listen to what they have to say and don’t hesitate to ask about anything else that comes to mind. This is your chance to discover whatever you need to know.

4. Don’t start too soon

Before cracking on with the design work, you need to do a bit more computerless thinking. Organise a discussion with the key stakeholders to share information and ideas – about the requirements, goals, challenges and technical boundaries. At this point, you should be able to use this to finally agree the field of action your design will tackle.

5. Remember, your client is your partner

It’s design time! From this point on the client is your closer partner. Set up regular checkpoints to show them progress; it doesn’t matter whether it is ‘presentable’ and ‘polished’ or not. Involving them and making them feel part of the process will set up the trust and participation that is needed for the success of the project and for any further collaboration.


Top ten tips for creating a look and feel for a new client