Top five tips for running a successful video shoot for e-learning

Many clients want to include video in their e-learning courses meaning that we need to become film directors as part of our day job too. But it’s not just about having a director’s chair with your name on the back. Follow these tips to ensure your video shoot runs like clockwork.

1. Get sign-off from your client

If your client can’t attend the shoot then make sure you send them recent photos of the actors you’re using and ask the actor to call them before the shoot to check voices and accents. Make sure to get your video scripts signed off by your client at least one week before the shoot.

2. Be specific about requirements

Be explicit about the hair, make-up and costume requirements for each actor. Ask them to bring along several changes of clothes just in case some of them aren’t suitable. Get them to change costume between scenes set on different days as this makes it more realistic.

3. Create your schedule carefully

Allow extra time in between scenes for costume, sound and lighting checks and changes. If you can, set up the equipment the night before to save time. This also lets you think through potential technical problems in advance, such as having enough power sockets for the equipment.

4. Choose your location wisely

Film in a location where you can maintain consistent sound and lighting throughout the day so that editing cuts within scenes will be seamless. Ensure none of the furniture is fixed in place as this gives you the option to move it around to adapt the location as required.

5. Be picky when you’re filming

Don’t be afraid to film several takes of a scene if you’re not happy with something, such as the way an actor says their lines or the intrusion of background noises. When it comes to editing it’s better to have too much footage than not enough.


Top five tips for running a successful video shoot