Training Industry recognises excellence and innovation: Saffron Interactive again a Top 20 Gamification Company

Saffron Interactive has held its position on the Top 20 Gamification Companies list since the award’s inception. Its commitment to behavioural learning experiences has resulted in serious games that drive business performance.“Gamification has been part of Saffron’s solution since the start. It should always be used with a purpose, not for the sake of just creating interactions. This is why at Saffron, we talk about ‘serious games’ instead of ‘gamification’” says Noorie Sazen, CEO at Saffron. Results from studies such as the dual n-back task have shown that games can increase IQ scores by 4 to 5 points if played over a short period of time. The halo effect of that rise can last for six months or longer, which, if applied at a corporate level, can drive increased business performance.

Training Industry has chosen Saffron for its consistent delivery of outstanding and unique bespoke solutions combined with innovative gamification aspects.

Saffron has recently been shortlisted for a Learning Award and an eLearning Award for its successful blended programme designed for Michelin, in which serious games played a pivotal role.

“We don’t see gamification as a bolt-on to our approach, or a separate offering, but rather as an integral component of the solutions we design for each of our clients” adds Toby Harris, creative lead at Saffron.