Turning good e-learning into great e-learning

With rapid development techniques and easy to use content authoring tools, it’s never been easier to produce e-learning materials. Some of them are even quite good. But how do you make them great?

Stephanie Dedhar, one of our senior instructional designers, will be presenting a Learning and Skills Group webinar this Thursday on the topic of turning good e-learning into great e-learning. She’ll be looking at what makes up great e-learning, how to produce it and why the approach you adopt is all important:

  • Getting under the skin of your organisation’s culture
  • Turning scepticism into support by moving from ‘e-telling’ to ‘e-learning’
  • Achieving engagement, relevance and effectiveness
  • Keeping the learner in mind and some tips for how to do it
  • Rethinking ideas rather than recycling them

The webinar will be held at 12 (GMT) noon on Thursday 19 November. If you’re interested in joining, please contact info@saffroninteractive.com for the log in details. Hopefully see you there!