Exploding the myth of ‘one best way’ – using playlists for personalisation and performance

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On 11 February, Toby Harris, platforms product manager and Alastair Maclean, head of design and development at Saffron, delivered a webinar to demonstrate how playlists can help meet the performance needs of 21st century employees by enabling mass personalisation and advanced reporting.

Employees now demand digital engagement from their organisations which is aligned with their expectations as consumers. But many organisations cripple learning and collaboration with workspaces and digital platforms designed around Taylorist principles which no longer apply: the destructive myth of ‘one best way’. This approach treats people as a passive mass to be monitored and controlled instead of an organisation’s greatest natural resource. No wonder it’s harder than ever to retain high performers! The session looked at how we can strategically deploy technology like learning playlists and reporting APIs to fix what is broken with our learning and performance infrastructure and create the insight which allows organisations to survive in uncertain times.

Listen to the webinar to find out:

  • Why we need to personalise absolutely everything and how playlists help us to do it
  • Reversing the trainer / trainee relationship by viewing the learner as the producer of organisational insight
  • The coming transition from SCORM completion to goal completion and what it means
  • The myths and realities of ‘gamification’ in the context of employee engagement
  • Examples of how a bespoke approach to content, platform and consultancy has delivered return on investment

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