Look and learn

Everything in life is about learning. From the moment our eyes open in the morning to the moment we close them at night our brains are taking in information. There’s some craziness that happens while we are asleep (especially after a late night cheesy snack) but I’m not really sure what I learned the other night by dreaming about being chased by a big dog with Les Dawson’s face whilst crawling through treacle with no trousers on. At least I hope that was a dream.

Anyway, I digress. Working for an e-learning company has opened my mind to the endless possibilities for learning that abound in modern society. For instance on my daily commute over the years I have learned that people jabbering down their mobile ‘phones on public transport annoys me. I have also learned that it is sensible to take off your backpack before boarding a bus or train. Having your ticket ready when passing through ticket barriers is also something I have learned to make life just a tiny bit more bearable for me and other people. Some of you are probably thinking “That’s hardly learning, more like common sense!” Yes I agree but there are lots and lots of people who don’t seem to have this common sense. Therefore people need to be taught and to learn. Some of us learn things just by observation. Others, less suited to personal development, need other methods of learning. I believe interaction is the key.

Most of us have attended lectures at school, college, university, work training courses etc. How dull is it when the beardy-weirdy with the patches on the elbows of his frayed jacket stands at the front of the class and drones on and on in a dull monotone? Constant glances at your watch, the stifling of yawns, doodles on your notepad, counting the panels on the ceiling, watching the flies going in triangles around the lightbulb. Do you really learn as much as you are expected to? Imagine if you could interact more. Imagine if the training was more eye-catching. Imagine if after the training was over you actually had a chance to think to yourself “Hey, that was interesting, I actually learned something today.”

Imagine imagine imagine.

We imagine a lot here at Saffron. We also turn a lot of those imaginings into reality. Our training courses reflect that.