Saffron Interactive finalist for ‘Best use of technology’ EE award 2016

Saffron Interactive announced as finalists for the UK Employee Engagement Awards 2016 for the Project management simulation.

“We’re delighted to have made the shortlist for our work that supports and drives employee engagement through innovative technologies. Putting digital first in our blended strategy was essential in ensuring critical buy-in from employees” says Noorie Sazen, CEO.

Saffron have been commended for their work on an 8-hour fully immersive project management simulation that involved complex branching scenarios, video storytelling and mini games. The award recognises a people-first approach to using technology, rather than a technology-first approach.

“Applying technology to soft skills training is something we pride ourselves on at Saffron. Soft skills training is often seen as challenging but we have managed to make these ‘soft skills hard’, and use technology to ensure the learning is as immersive and interactive as possible. By doing so learners are continually assessed throughout the simulation and encouraged to replay, to develop and hone their skills. Using serious games in this way is essential when engaging employees” says Karim Ladak, COO at Saffron.

The award also recognises measurable impact on employee engagement and how it has gained employee uptake. This was ensured by:

  • Holding focus groups with project management specialists to guarantee the content was as realistic and engaging as possible
  • Setting business objectives to ensure all stakeholders remained aligned, supported and committed to the overall aim
  • Analysing the success through a ‘metrics that matter’ survey which received results such as 94% learners ranking the simulation as 4 or 5 out of 5 for having a positive impact on their job

More information about the project management simulation is available on Saffron’s website.