Saffron Interactive to create experiential elearning platform and marketplace for leading Danish business school

Saffron Interactive, recently named on Training Industry’s Top 20 Learning Portals Watch List, has been selected by International Business College (IBC) to realise its vision for a learning experience network. The Open IBC project will use open source technology and the Tin-Can API to act as a force-multiplier for IBC’s digital presence for a new generation of students.

“Open IBC is a strategic priority. We develop multi-skilled individuals to whom innovation, flexibility and globalisation are not abstract concepts , but natural ways of thinking.” says Jens Gamauf Madsen, director at IBC. “That means that they require virtual learning environments which match the apps and websites they use every day in terms of relevance, user experience design and sheer delight. We’re pleased to be working with Saffron in order to deliver this.”

Open IBC aims to inspire new students to engage with IBC’s world-class elearning on topics including innovation, communication, marketing, social media and web development. The platform will be driven by:

  • Course ratings, reviews and relevance indicators to create an Amazon-like experience
  • A UX which is totally responsive and avoids irritating light boxes or pop-ups
  • Newsfeeds which capture learning experiences and contributions through the Tin-Can API and foster communities of continuous learning
  • Rewarding elements including progress-o-meter dials and badges

“It’s been a joy to connect with the team at IBC,” says Toby Harris, creative lead and platform product manager at Saffron. “This organisation is light years ahead in its passion for user experience and its drive to realise the future of online learning as a unified social-content-experience. This is a project we’re proud to put our name to.”

“The Open IBC project is more than a platform to simply host online learning,” adds Noorie Sazen, CEO at Saffron. “As an integrated learning experience network and knowledge system, it fulfils its mission by actively creating new insights for students and IBC.”

Open IBC is planned for pilot release by mid-December, and will be open to its first students in 2015.

About IBC Courses

IBC Courses is a key department of the Danish business school, International Business College (IBC).

IBC Courses offer more than 2,000 courses each year, educating more than 20,000 people.
The courses are focused on the following areas:

  • Trade (business, innovation, strategy)
  • Administration (economy, management, IT)
  • Communication (marketing, media, graphics)
  • Management (project management, innovation management etc)

The participants are primarily Danish. IBC Courses has 42 permanent employees and an equal number of freelance lecturers.