Saffron Interactive to explain how to build platforms that increase revenue and improve productivity in free seminar at Learning Technologies Summer Forum

Saffron Interactive (Stand 16), the award-winning provider of knowledge and performance technologies, will host a seminar entitled “How to create networked knowledge and performance platforms” at 11.15am in Theatre 3 on 16 June at Kensington Olympia. Based on survey results and research, the session will ask why knowledge workers favour commoditised social networks over existing internal platforms and propose an alternative.

Saffron’s head of design and development, Alastair Maclean, will showcase a new approach. Saffron Share uses intuitive search, learning networks and playlists to generate new insights and drive real time productivity and real world performance improvement.

“Our research shows that more than 85% of employees prefer to use Google to find information on best practice, rather than their own enterprise knowledge or learning management systems,” says Noorie Sazen. “Instant responses, social context and personalisation are driving workers towards commoditised platforms like Google and LinkedIn instead of internal, proprietary knowledge bases. This is not only a risk to businesses but also a big missed opportunity by HR and L&D  departments to drive the strategic agenda within their businesses.”

“This seminar will introduce knowledge management as something capable of providing tangible improvements in business practice and driving profits and growth,” comments co-presenter Toby Harris, creative lead and platform product manager at Saffron. “The inability to access relevant, useful information is a big drain on productivity. Instead, people should be able to share insights, contribute and connect with every part of an organisation, rather than remaining locked in silos or knowledge dumps.”

This seminar will draw on relevant client case studies to show:

  • How social knowledge management is about more than just Q&A forums
  • Why connecting expert employees with others encourages contribution
  • How playlists and predictive search create personalised content discovery experiences
  • Why we need to start thinking about ‘promoted content’ instead of ‘push’
  • How to mirror consumer platforms to make learners want to do what you need them to

This was recorded as a webinar, which you can find on the Learning and Skills Group.